Setting up a new commercial storage facility, supervising the construction of the site, the marketing strategy and especially the open day, were stressful enough; what I didn’t need was the added headache of trying to integrate an existing booking system with a new website, when they seemingly didn’t want to talk to each other!

Thankfully through work they’d already done with our parent company Hurstwood Holdings, I knew that Magicalogical Ltd. would be there, in support, to enable me to tackle this problem. From the start Stuart and his team were in constant contact with both myself and the online booking software developers, making sure that each step was fully integrated, before tackling the next hurdle.

In the process Dan and Louise, the developers at Magicalogical Ltd. had to become familiar with a computer language they knew very little about, which they did in record time, to ensure that our customers were none the wiser!!

I look forward to working with them on our planned future storage sites, knowing that with the learning curve we have all been on, everything will be plain-sailing from now on.
Joanne Capper - Self Storage Manager - Hurstwood Self Store

The task: rebrand a well-established custom clothing manufacturer and refresh their brand image.

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