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About five years ago, Wigan & Leigh Community Charity decided to develop a customer facing trading arm called “Made In Wigan” to support social entrepreneurship in the town In short, we sought to advise our clients; many of them voluntary groups; on the process of turning an idea into a business, whilst also helping them find the correct funding to bring their ideas to fruition.

We thus needed a logo which encapsulated, not only the helping hands which would support our clients through that “journey”, but which also made a statement as to their and our intent:- “We are here for the town of Wigan to help it’s residents create self-generated wealth with a true social mission, to enhance the future prospects and well-being of all of us and in doing so give bigger and brighter opportunities to our young people.”

This seeming juxtaposition between charitable intent and commercial aptitude is a very difficult concept to explain, let alone create as a graphic!! Stuart and his team spent many months accompanying us to meetings and conferences across the country, with a view to understanding the essence of social enterprises, whilst also bringing to the table their own expertise in dealing with purely commercial clients.

I think the results speak for themselves…Dave Baxter - Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Wigan & Leigh Community Charity

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