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Training Thursday 2022

Training Thursday 2023

Losing a child to suicide

Fiona Tuomey – Bereaved By Suicide service (BBS), Catherine Williams

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Neonatal deaths

Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB), Elaine Hide – Bob McGurrell, Chief Executive, and founder of the charity 4Louis

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Children with disabilities

Nicky Brown, bereaved parent – Luke Clements, Professor of Law and Social Justice at the School of Law, Leeds University

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Talking about the death of child

Reverend Linda Peall, Head of Chaplaincy ESNEFT – Sarah Price and Julie Baerwolf- Nicky’s Way

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Mental Capacity Act and Liberty Protection Safeguards

Experienced barrister, writer and educator Alex Ruck Keene (39 Essex Chambers) whose practice focuses on mental capacity and mental health law Dr Elisabeth Alton, Named Doctor for Safeguarding and Adult Safeguarding, Honorary Lecturer Hull York Medical School

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Introduction from Geraldine Rodgers and Multiagency Pre-birth Safeguarding: Considerations for best practice

Nicola Nelson

Week 1, Session 1

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Reconsidering CT head scans in suspected physical abuse. Research presentations

Dr. Helen Daly, Dr. Alison Kemp and Dr. Emilia Wawrzkowicz

Week 1, Session 2

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Safeguarding Children; The role of a Community Perinatal Team

Linzi Barnes

Week 1, Session 3

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The experience of safeguarding from a patient’s perspective through a midwife's eyes

Toni Doherty

Week 1, Session 4

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Transition and Looked After Children

Dr Vicki Walker

Week 1, Session 5

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Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme

Dr Emily Handley-Cole

Week 1, Session 6

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Vulnerability - Transitional Safeguarding: towards a fluid response for adolescents and young adults

Dez Holmes

Week 1, Session 7

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Older People and Domestic Abuse – it’s not always Adult Safeguarding

Amanda Warburton

Week 1, Session 8

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FGM Awareness

Hibo Wardere

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Mental Capacity Act: A quick refreshe

Chelle Farnan

Week 1, Session 9

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Julie Hall introduces the lived experience of Trauma Informed Care

Julie Hall

Week 1, Session 10

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A welcome from Vicky Washington and Confidence building in sharing information - a legal view (Session 1)

Eve Piffaretti

Week 2, Session 1

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A welcome from Vicky Washington and Confidence building in sharing information - a legal view (Session 2)

Eve Piffaretti

Week 2, Session 2

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A day in the life of a PREVENT officer

Rebecca Brennan

Week 2, Session 3

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The role of the interventionalist supporting survivors

Manwar Ali

Week 2, Session 5

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Online Grooming: Breck’s Story’

Lorin LaFava

Week 2, Session 6

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Extremism....a mothers experience and the impact on families - Nicola Benyahia and Conclusion of learning weeks by Anneliese Hillyer


Week 2, Session 7

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Safeguarding Adults - The Fundamentals

Lisa Curtis

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County Lines Methodology

Kelly Gray

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Human Trafficking

Alexia Powell

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Autism, counter terror policing and exploitation through the prevent

Dr. Saima Lofgren

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Cyber Crime

Stephanie Frankish, Hayley Whitbread

Cyber Protect and Cyber Choices input The first half of the input will be on Cyber Protect which will give you a better understanding of how to

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Allyship and engagement - Diverse Communities

Stella Frangleton - Diverse community’s co-ordinator for Suffolk Police

A discussion of how individuals and organisations can be better allies with a mind to creating better engagement and outreach with diverse individuals

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SEND and Safeguarding – Bridging the Gap

Louise Warren – SEND Manager – East of England – NHS England

SEND - An exploratory session focusing the Children and Families Act and SEND Code of Practice and the interdependence with safeguarding needs and

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Rebecca Cook

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Three Babies Learning Event Webinar – Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership

Anthony Douglas – Independent Chair Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership, Maureen Ruscoe-Golson, Ali Hassey, Cindie Dunkling and Tracy Murphy

To keep Children and Adult and Professionals and everyone safe. The Suffolk Safeguarding Partnerships carried out a Thematic Review Learning of the

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